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Photography by Ricardo Miguel

In addition to being a Certified Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, I am a certified:

Animal Reiki Practitioner

Mindset Life Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness Guide

Crystal Reiki Practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

How Reiki Found Me

I used to receive regular Reiki treatments, and during one particular session, the practitioner told me that I was very intuitive and sensitive to Reiki energy. She asked me if I had ever considered becoming a practitioner myself. At that time, I had never thought about it and didn't even entertain the idea. I simply brushed it off and continued on what I thought was my chosen path without considering other possibilities.

In 2016, I was having a conversation with a colleague over the phone, during which I expressed my interest in learning Reiki. She referred me to her Reiki Master Teacher, and I immediately contacted them. The following week, I attended my first Reiki class and started giving sessions to my family and friends. After receiving positive feedback and witnessing the positive impact of Reiki, I decided to continue my journey and complete all levels to become a Reiki Master Teacher myself.

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Photography by Simpson Photography Inc

Why work with me?

I have a background in the nonprofit sector. I am passionate about helping others, I like to participate in community events and give back.

I care about my clients and I strive to provide quality services and experiences.

I like to make sure my clients feel comfortable and supported even when leaving their comfort zones.

I am big on communication.

I follow up after sessions and I like to keep in touch.

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