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Mountain Ridge

Mindset Coaching.

"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is more painful than being stuck somewhere you don't belong."


N. R Narayana Murthy

Amazing!!! Simply life changing!!! A gift to give yourself!!! Something no matter where you are in life you can benefit from!! Has it made me a better person? It has helped me heal volumes inside me out !!! See the simplest things I was missing in myself that made the world of impact!! As well it started me on a path of accountability for myself , my actions, my progress.


If I didn’t put the work in one week I felt the difference of how I felt inside and out . It keeps you on track to find what you want and need for yourself! And you do find that and honesty more. Plus with Nadia there is a constant support system and a continuous sense of calm , validation, understanding. Her feedback in session and in her follow up is proof she hears you, she listens, she is able to help and support you.


I found after my first session I immediately felt different, I learned and felt change , I saw structure coming my way, I knew that first session this was exactly where I was supposed to be and exactly the work I needed to be doing for myself. 


Caitlyn M.

Thank you so much! You were a huge part of my process and I'm very happy you worked with me to help me get here. You helped me get my mind together and just changed a lot on how I viewed things in life.


Again, thank you!


Tiye W.

I have felt lost and alone most of my life. With this wonderful lady Miss Nadia's help I am more sure of myself, more aware of the influence of the negative people and my own negative thoughts and i am able to navigate around those feelings better than i ever have before. I trust me and my intuition so much more, even when i do make the wrong choice i can look at it as A lesson and not beat myself up, not listen to my own negative thoughts. I still have work to do but i know i am not alone anymore.


Nadia has answered (not in the same time zone, and sometimes very late, like what are you still doing up late. ) questions or offered advice or even pointed out that i already know the answer just to trust myself. I was in a very strange dark place when we connected. I know that a spiritual energy brought her to me and i thank God, my guardian angels the universe who ever whatever power brought us together and i will always be thankful. I will happily continue to seek her healing light her very wise wisdom and continue to refer her to family, friends whomever feels lost or even just a little off kilter.

Thank you so much! Sending blessings.

Brenda G.

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