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Nadia offers one-time classes & subscriptions both in-person and remote for convenience.

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Virtual Guided Meditation & Reiki

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In-person & Distant Reiki Sessions

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Life Coaching

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Nadia is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and member of the Reiki Healing Association.

More than just a Reiki Practitioner like many, Nadia provides quality and personal Reiki, coaching and meditation services. 


Client Love

I enjoy Nadia's Reiki sessions online and her energy feels as real as it would in person. Nadia uses creative and peaceful meditation phrases to soothe you into a calm state of mind which allows you to be better prepared for reiki. I made the right choice in choosing her to be my Reiki Level 1 teacher because she is patient, kind and available for questions. I felt like I was having a pleasant conversation with a trusted mentor during my training. 

Susan T.

When I met Nadia her aura was already gravitating. She introduced me to Reiki and now after my session I felt calm steady and ready to let go a lot that was weighing on me. I will continue my sessions to get the full ability of the different reiki techniques and honestly I am excited for my journey. Thank you Nadia for all that you do we only live once and this is an outlet for us humans ot take care of our inner self. Mental health is so imperative and we need more people to want to take that leap to heal from whatever is hindering their progression. 

Tariq B.

I have been doing meditation via Zoom with Reiki with Nadia on and off since November 2020. I love being able to do the meditation live with other people and Nadia. Doing meditation on my own is just not for me... definitely LOVE Nadia guiding it. The guided imagery.. AMAZING! Also lets not forget about the Reiki, Incredible. Nothing but good things to say about Reiki with Nadia and I would give here a 10/10, highly reccomended!

Jackie M. 

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